Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hey Everyone!

How have you been? I am happy to say that I am working on the script for the Ace & Aqua web-series, to be pitched to Nickelodeon :D. I am looking for voice talent right now, but don't currently have pay. They'll get paid once / If it gets picked up by a network. New character designs for other characters in this show are being worked on, as well as props, key positions, etc.. . Anyways, here is the "kick-ass" poster I was talking about. Im not conceded, I just love these 2 characters of mine and think this is a really great work of art that I made. I had help from Manny Galan and it paid off! Let me know what you guys think of this, and stay tuned to the flash animated web-series/show!


Ace & Aqua Website
P.S. I got this baby 23'' x 34'' and its getting framed :D
I'll only start to sell this poster on cafepress if I get many hits to do so. ( would come 11'' x 17'' only )

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hello Everybody!

Its been acouple days since my last post, and I thought In the special occasion, Id post this. I have been working on these 2 characters of mine, Ace and Aqua. Many may know these characters from me sending jpegs or showing them a .mov of Aqua ( in the poster ) doing alittle back flip! Id like to thank Brian Growe for his help in working on it.. no ones seen the re-worked one yet tho. Anyways, I recently made a kick ass poster of Ace and Aqua. Thanks goes out to Manny Galan who helped me with proportions and such! Its not the one posted, but I just ordered myself a 23'' x 34'' poster of the kick-ass one...or at least I think its kick ass! I'll post it up much later tho.

Now to get back on track. I am going to be making a 1-2 minute episode of Ace and Aqua. Yes, im gonna finally do it. I have turn arounds which have been made MONTHS and MONTHS ago. I also have all the flash symbols set up, as well as acouple positions, and front and side mouths for animating. Yes, this is going to be flash animated. Im hoping that mabye Aaron Simpson can make a post about my animation. Im going to be animating this as well as I can, and hopefully this comes out good. I'm not gonna ive out much about this show except that they live in alaska and aqua ( in the poster ) is an abominable snowman! ;).. opps I already said too much! I dont really have any musical talent.. well not that could work for a cartoon show, so if anyone is a musical, just drop me a line and some samples. I dont really have money to spend on this, its a personal not studio project... even tho im the only one im my studio.. lol. Anyways drop me a line if you know any music makers that could hook me up! Emails on the website. If I post it here im gonna get lots of spam which isnt good.

Anyways, look forward to my new animated webseries! Production date soon to be created!


Yours Truly!
P.S. If you see me at the comic con, I have Aqua on my business card. No booth to advertise these guys tho.

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