Friday, January 26, 2007
The Ace & Aqua© Sketchbook!

The Ace & Aqua© Sketchbook will follow with the release of the Ace & Aqua© pilot! This sketchbook will include both my rough and final storyboards, mark ups of my scripts during recording, screenshots of making the short, my method of animating the short, as well as every single image known to existence of Ace & Aqua©.And YES! I'm going to be copyrighting the hell outa the book! ;)

The book will be released **/**/** !!!!


Blogger craig had this to say:

Hey Stephen,
Cool to see a clip from your short. Can't wait to see more!


Blogger Juanete! had this to say:

Nice works.
Could you upload more animations??
i want to wath more!!!
: )


Blogger AstroGuaje had this to say:

Great job¡¡¡ more, more works.


Blogger christian had this to say:

Cool stuff all around!! Great work, sir. And thanks a lot for the support!


Anonymous Tom had this to say:

Nice to see you're still chuggin' along!


Blogger Jo Bling had this to say:

Stephen, very excited by this news. Your work is lovely, hope the pilot is a tremendous success!



Blogger Mukpuddy had this to say:

I want a full colour glossy "The Art of Ace and Aqua ©" hardcover book, none of this sketchy book malarky!!


Anonymous Manny had this to say:

Stephen congrat's on all your ACE and AQUA advancement. You are really an inspiration. Best wishes on your project!


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