Friday, January 26, 2007
The Ace & Aqua© Sketchbook!

The Ace & Aqua© Sketchbook will follow with the release of the Ace & Aqua© pilot! This sketchbook will include both my rough and final storyboards, mark ups of my scripts during recording, screenshots of making the short, my method of animating the short, as well as every single image known to existence of Ace & Aqua©.And YES! I'm going to be copyrighting the hell outa the book! ;)

The book will be released **/**/** !!!!


Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Submission
Hey Everyone!

The design above I made and posted for the 5+5+5 contest and its now in the running! Go ahead and vote 5 for the design! Click the image above to do your patriotic duty! ( the full design is posted below ) :D If I get high enough score the shirt is made for all to purchase.



Stephen Studios Animations

Hey. Im Stephen Levinson, and this is my blog. Im a Freelance animator and am available for Freelance projects! I'll be posting sketches, animations, and anything I find really interesting I'll blog it! Check Out THREADLESS!!!