Sunday, June 10, 2007
Something different... ANIME!

I am a huge action-anime fan. I love the look and the details the characters have, I love the fighting animations because they're really intense and well done. Here's an image I did recently.. It's just some evil kinda guy I thought up.. I was kinda inspired by this as well as this. <- that image is really what made me decide to draw this. I thought "that's really cool but it would look so much more awesome if it was detailed like Dragonball z style". After I finished everything I thought the colors werent so great so I added a gradient map to the drawing and the colors changed to what's above. I think it looks much nicer and also alot like the colors in first link I posted. Special thanks to Elliot Byrne for his advice.

I'm working on my anatomy and shading...i'd bet 80% of the shading in the drawing is wrong :p

I am posting this drawing because I need to know what I should do differently for my next drawing. As far as color and shading and anatomy go. All help is appreciated!


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