Thursday, July 27, 2006
Cartoon Network. Yes!

Here's just alittle image I did for fun.
This Fred Fredburger character was built in flash with many different hands and arms. I also created every eye position possible, and I created a full mouth chart. Yes, very exclusive type of .fla. Too bad the flash animation of this guy on TV doesnt have that thick outline around it. Yes thats correct, it IS possible to add thick outlines around your characters :-P. How does he do it? Magicians never reveal their tricks!

Talk Soon!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Ace & Aqua Being Recorded!!

Hey Everyone,

Long time no talk, how you been? Today at 11:30 California time, Ace & Aqua ( the 6 min episode ) was recorded. I set up a date to record in a professional studio so the quality for the audio is 100% good! I got the voices for all my characters and I love them! They are just as I imagined my characters to sound like. So yea, big recording went on today and I'm real glad about how they came out! I recorded a promo also so a promo should be out in acouple of months!

Look out for Ace & Aqua!

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