Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hey Everyone!

Long time no talk. How have you been? Lately i've been very busy. I just wanted to keep you updated with what's going on with Ace & Aqua! Lately i've been working on character turnarounds. I have Ace with and without his eskimo suit on, I have aqua's new design done, and I have 2 characters named Beck and April done. I just have to make the turn around for a squirrel and a delivery man. I really love the designs I have, but Im sure when I bring it into flash and clean it up, the turn around's will look much much better. What's that image above? Be on the look out for aqua's design.. I'll be showing piece by piece, and that piece is his BUTT! Its BUTT-IFUL! Well what have I been doing lately besides character turnarounds? I've been cutting the audio from the voice recording. Trust me, you never want to cut audio. I cut around 1050 different audio tracks because I've had anywhere from 3 takes for a line, to 25 takes for a line. I obviously had to choose my favorite out of the takes, so there really isn't 1050 lines of audio. I also have finished the rough storyboard of the short. It looks very rough, and the characters are pretty much off model the entire time.. thats why Its a rough. I printed out a storyboard with 2 boxes per page and am going to make this the final board so that I can start working on the animatic. I cant post up the rough storyboard just yet, but hey, you get a nice butt to look at! Well guys, there will be more posts soon on Ace & Aqua! Stay tuned! Oh yea, and I have backgrounds being worked on.


Thursday, August 10, 2006


Wednesday, August 02, 2006
Bloo Cheese

Here's a picture Craig McCracken drew for me when I went to the Cartoon Network studios. I went to see a recording of Grim adventures of billy and mandy because I am friends with the guy who does the voice of grim I got to see a recording. After the recording Greg Eagles ( voice of grim ) took me up to meet animators and artists. I met some cool people, and then I met Craig McCracken - the coolest of all people. He was the nicest guy! I talked to him about fosters and then he brought me to this cubical where a girl was working on a scene from fosters. It was so awsome seeing their flash files and comparing them to how I animate in flash. I was watching this girl work for about 10 minutes and craig was nice enough to take time from his busy schedule to stay there as this woman showed me their stuff. Then we went back to craig's office where I asked him if it would be okay to draw me a picture of Bloo and Cheese. Craig seemed happy to draw it! Very cool seeing the creator drawing the cartoon I see on TV! I then told him to sign it to my brother Jared who is also a fan, but would go really crazy over a drawing of his 2 favorite characters. Craig was really cool and then I told him about you guessed it! Ace & Aqua!! He told me he accepts pitches and that I can mail him the episode and pitch info when its done. He said he cant wait to see it and Im really excited!

Later at the Comic Con I met the voice of Bloo and Cheese and Mac and lots of other voices. Even the voice of spongebob, I mean eduardo. When I was talking to Keith ( bloo ) I told him my brother would go crazy if you called him and talked to him in the voice of bloo... Well, he called him and talked to him in the voice of bloo! It was the coolest thing ever! I got him to sign the drawing as well as Candi Milo who does cheese. The voice actors and Craig and Lauren and everyone was just really great!

The monday after the Comic con I got to see a pick up of FOSTERS! It was really cool. Even tho only the voice of Mac was there, it was nice meeting him and talking with him, and seeing him perform. Oh, and I also got to keep 2 scripts from the show :)

Like I was saying before, I went to see the grim adventures of billy and mandy recorded and got these 2 model packets later. It was also really cool and the voice of grim was nice enough to record for me and do the voice of Aqua!!!
The recording was really cool and I later got these 2 character construction packets ( shown below )

Well that was my time in California... Oh yea, I also went to the nickelodeon animation studio and Frederator studios, Renegade studios and six point harness... I also worked and got paid which was awsome and recorded my own show! Ahh I wonder what I could accomplish if I actually lived in CA.

Talk soon!

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