Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hello all!

I just finished my final boards for Ace & Aqua, a total of 104 scenes. The schedule I worked up was way to fast for me so I have to rethink it and re-write it. Gotta make an animatic for it and then cut it and go from there. Im glad the boards are finally done because I cant take doing boards. Its my least favorite part of animating. Well, any way there should be an update of Ace & Aqua soon so stay tuned!!



Project Im working on after "Ace & Aqua"

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hey everyone! Been trying to cram those final storyboards. I created a schedule to help me with finishing the short. Without schedules, nothing would get done. I have till the 18th to have the final boards done. The estimated date for having Ace & Aqua completely finished is november 26th. Wont be able to show anything until december. Also, this short is going to be submitted into the TGSNT contest! Above is an image I took of me working on one of the boards. Keep watching the blog for updates!


Stephen Studios Animations

Hey. Im Stephen Levinson, and this is my blog. Im a Freelance animator and am available for Freelance projects! I'll be posting sketches, animations, and anything I find really interesting I'll blog it! Check Out THREADLESS!!!