Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Jeaux: Drawn

Hey everyone. I thought It would be a great funny idea, to do a caricature in the same style the all-famous Jeaux Janovsky does for drawings of Lost caricatures and that Samual L Jackson movie caricature. Well here it is. Jeaux, I mean no harm in making this, I thought id be funny because you are on a roll with these types of drawings! Special Thanks goes out to Jeaux Janovsky for bragging on Toon Fuse and for unintentionally coming up with the title for this Jeaux Drawing.

Jeaux: Drawn.
Thanks Buddy ;)

Enjoy :D

Saturday, May 27, 2006
Jake Walkcycle


Hey everybody!! He'res a walkcycle ive been working on for jake. The box in the top right is what the animation is gonna be. So in my promo, its basically that but 320 x 240. Let me know what you think, and any suggestions would be great!


Monday, May 22, 2006

Here are all the characters for my promo colored. I dropped the girl because she ended up too short and with color she didnt turn out well. Anyways, here are all the colored people. I purposely had each person a different shade color. I didnt want them to look completely human, so I added a special little touch ;) Well, enjoy. They're posted on my site in larger images so just go to my site here and click on still art. Theyre at the bottom and are easy to recognize. Well, enjoy! Let me know what you think!

Yours Truly!

Saturday, May 20, 2006
All characters are colored!

The characters for my promo are on my new website!! :D check it out and post any comments here!

My Website

btw. I have surprisingly had 1819 so far this month :D

Monday, May 15, 2006

Hey Everyone!! I have completed colors for 3 characters so far. I just did some work for a channel frederator ad I made up. It came out good, I hope people like it. Anyways, here's the baby and he's colored. It kinda gives him life with color, but kinda makes him look like a zombie. I was kinda going for that inbetween, and Im very satisfied how he came out, as well as how the other 2 chatacters came out. Stay tuned, I was thinking about making more than just a promo for these characters.. we'll see!

Yours Truly

Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Promo animation...( animatic )

Hey everyone!! Here is the animatic I promised everyone...Well, its acouple seconds of it ( Click on the image to play! ). In the previous post, I posted a page from the storyboard. Well, here it is but animatic-ed (word I'll use for animating an animatic. Technically its not animated, and its an animatic, so animatic-ed is my word). I hope you guys can tell whats going on at the end of the animatic. I hope you guys like it and the music. Next to be posted is colored characters! Stay tuned!

Yours Truly

Tuesday, May 09, 2006
Promo Characters...Father, Daughter, Son and Baby!

Hey everyone!! I thought I'd post the rest of the characters in one post. I have the animatic completely done, and have a clip ready to upload. I thought It would be a good idea to show the characters before you saw the clip because then you have a better understanding of what your looking at. Well, I hope everyone likes the character designs, and there will be color soon.

Yours Truly

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hey. Heres a drawing I did yesterday while I was bored. Click on the image to enlarge. Tell me what you think! Im not sure if that head really matches his body, but I think it doesnt matter. Comments are more than welcome!

Yours Truly

Friday, May 05, 2006
Copi Animation


Hey everyone! I figured I show an animation I did the past summer. The animation is about 16mb so wait for it to load, and itsabout 1min and 16 seconds long. The name of the main character is called Copi. Hes the black one who takes the drink. You'll see what I mean when you watch it. Now remmember, I didnt know much about animation at the time, and I had flash for only about 2 months (ive only been animating for 2 months when this was made), but I tried to manage. This is mostly frame by frame animation. It took me 3 days to animate, and 2 days to go back and fill in all the colors. It was tiring! Tell me what you guys think of it! Comments are more than welcome!

Yours Truly,

Promo Characters...Mother

Happy friday Everyone! Im so glad, i need to take a break from school! TGIF!!! Anyways, Im still working on my animatic and its look soo good so far! I'll post a clip as soon as I get that storyboard I posted in the previous post animated--errrr-- animatic-ed. If thats even a word. This is a drawing of the mother who her and the rest of the characters except jake have very little role except for being in the scene. I dont have her arm because I drew it seperately perfectly, and dont want to ruin the drawing. Well I hope you guys like this character! More to come so stay tuned!

Yours Truly

Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Promo Animation...in progress

Hey Everyone!! This is my first official drawing post, and I am very proud!! The image on the side, is a kid named Jake. He has a "gothic" style look to him, which is exactly how hes suppost to look for my promo. My promo is going to be about 30 seconds long, and its going to include music from Darkman Woe. Im not sure how to upload music, but If I knew id post a clip of the music im going to use. Lets just say for now its very "orchestral" music which is perfect! If you take a look at Ghostbots great Promo here, you will notice the music. This is the type of music ( not the exact song ) for my promo. I'm sort of going for the same "gothic" style as the all famous Scarygirl. The style is going to be flash animated, and for the promo, there will be no outlines around the character.

Here is a storyboard page from my promo. Im currently working on the animatic, and will post that up when its done. What is this about? Basically the promo takes place at a funeral. I know, its sad and strange place to do an animation (because animations are usually funny like cartoons, and cartoons dont usually take place at funerals. When was the last time you saw The Fairly Odd Parents take place at a funeral? See my point?) Its strange to have an animation of people sad at a funeral, but its not all sad. It has a twist in the middle end of it which I think is great! When the promo is posted you will see what I mean. Everyother day or so I'll post new characters from the promo, so look out for that!

Yours Truly,

Tuesday, May 02, 2006
The MLAATR Sketchbook

This "My Life As A Teenage Robot" sketchbook is really great! I just got mine today and its something else! The guys at Frederator are so great!! Fred is a great guy, he is the founder of Frederator Studios, and has produced many shows such as "My Life As A Teenage Robot", "Chalkzone", Fairly Odd Parents" and "Oh Yeah! Cartoons!"

Check out this book! You can get it here!

Yours Truly,

Stephen Studios Animations

Hey. Im Stephen Levinson, and this is my blog. Im a Freelance animator and am available for Freelance projects! I'll be posting sketches, animations, and anything I find really interesting I'll blog it!

www.stephenstudios.com Check Out THREADLESS!!!